Lauv - Miss Me (Demo) [Official Audio]

게시일 2020. 06. 24.
“Miss Me (Demo)” off of Lauv's latest EP, Without You is available now:
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I would cut these girls off for you
If you say you wanted me too
I don't know what's changed with you
But something's different
Because you say that you miss me
Then you go and say that you can’t kiss me
I don't understand, you’re playing with me
Wish I didn't wish that you were with me
But I do, yeah
You could break my heart and I’d still come back to you (ohh)
You could change your mind and I'd still wait here for you (ohh)
And I hate the fact that all these things are true
Oh, oh, oh, oh
And how long will it take to think of what you gonna say
It's been a couple of days, I haven't heard from you
Was it something I said, that made you get inside your head
Girl, you're messing my head
And now it hurts when
You say you miss me
Then you go and say that you can't kiss me
I don't understand, you're playing with me
Wish I didn't wish that you were with me
But I do, yeah
You could break my heart and I’d still come back to you (ohh)
You could change your mind and I'd still wait here for you (ohh)
And I hate the fact that all these things are true
Oh, oh, oh, oh
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  • It's been 8 months since this demo is released and everytime I listen to it it feels like the 1st time. Can't wait for the final song to be out 💜

  • Lauv, it's been months where's the whole song?

  • Good bye.

  • Wow lauv its been 7months where is the full song 😂

  • bro, I can't give you the likes you deserve....

  • loved it!

  • "how can you miss someone you've never met ever" online love be like.

  • Wowww


  • broo its been 6 months. full song please lmao

  • 💜

  • 2021 still 🎧 #firstsongoftheyear

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  • COVID Vaccine will come out but Lauv miss me full song never come I m tired of waiting 😭😭😓🥺

  • Still waiting for the finished version :

  • SOOO GOOD MAN! Really loved this ep, hope next era is like this!! SOunds more like you

  • Song when

  • Ay its been half a year,are we even getting the full original song?

  • Thank you lauv nagustuhan ng mga tropa ko

  • "And I hate the fact that all these things are true" inaano ka????

  • I can't wait anymore this is too much Plz give us full song plzzz Thankyou 🥰🥰🥰🤩😍🥺❤️❤️

  • hi sami

  • It's only demo!!😭😭😭🤟🏻

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  • We need a full song please ╯﹏╰

  • When's the finished one coming out alreadyy

  • Lauv i'm begging release the full version :(

  • I really do need the rest of the song .. this song describes exactly how I feel rn !!!!

  • damn this song is so freakin cool + deep. need the full version!!!!

  • Im still waitting anxiously for the finished song

  • Out of all the songs in his latest EP, this is my favorite. Hope we’ll have an extended version/full length of this song. I love you, Lauv!

  • When's the full song release??? I CANT WAITTTTT !!!

    • I've been listening to this since the release. AHHHH I CANT WAIT FOR THE FULL SONG!!

  • Still waiting for the full song 🙄

  • This is a masterpiece🥺💗

  • I love this song so i made a slowed version of it. Check it out

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  • I'm still waiting for the whole song sir? when will it be?

  • This song is one of my favorites 🥺👌👌💖

  • I'm in lauv with this song 😭❤

  • Where is the full version, im so in loved to thiss demo !

  • I absolutely looovvee this song!! PLEASE FINISH THIS SONG!

  • still waiting for the full one😔

  • When will come full song 😭😭😭 so gud its directly touch heart and guys Why alwys we boys should run after that girls who has reject u or have another bf there are many beautyfulls girls dnt get sad and enjoy ur LIFE BE HAPPY LIFE IS 1.

  • Still waiting for the full version 🥰

  • Bro please make big song of this we are waiting for you one of the best song that goes be hit

  • Love these lyrics

  • So there's a guy that I love no matter what kind of person he is. Damn. Even if he broke my heart, I'm still waiting for him

  • I fall in love with this song because of youngjae i know this song

  • Already a fan of Lauv'smusic but GOT7's Youngjae IG story made me know this song! And as usual, I love it!

  • Youngjae GOT7 make me here.. And i love this song so much 😘😘😘

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  • I know I'm not the only Ahgase here :D Youngjae really likes Lauv's music and he even shared this song to his IG story. Lauv, I really hope you will do a colab with our Youngjae. Please give us Lauv - Youngjae colaboration. Please!


  • Nice one..😍

  • I love this song so much

  • This song is a masterpiece

  • This song should must be 3minutes long..

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  • Omg wow !!! It’s amazing

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  • Please do this as your next official single with MV! I really love this demo. Hoping asap for the whole song.

  • I think we all deserved the full song by now

  • I’m in love with this already 😭😭😭

  • This song hits different 😫💙 love the beat

  • “wait...why am I trying so hard?! I don’t need him, he fucking needs me! He’s the one who’s in love with me!”

  • you could change your mind but i'd still wait here for you,,

  • lauv is love

  • Lauv❤️ Do check "I like me better" Bootleg

  • 하 이노래 죽을때까지 평생 듣고싶다 죽기전에도 이노래들으면서 죽고싶다 개좋다 ㅠㅠ


  • This is one of the best Lauv songs imo

  • Literally playing this on repeat


  • This man speaks facts lmao

  • This is my favorite song off this mini album! So good.

  • It's good music😃💚

  • This guy can literally make you fall in love

  • just one word: Lauv's vibe

  • So talented! ☺️

  • ariana god is a woman is SHAKING 0:25

  • great demo

  • I fell in love with the demo...I keep checking everyday if the song is here

  • Please make the finished song like 4-5 mins long. It’s soooo gooooood

  • The vibes in this demo are astronomical. I can only imagine the completed song

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  • I need the finished version

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  • Anyone here from yeri’s instagram story

  • I came here after yeri insta story


  • Yeri ❤❤

  • Here cuz of Yeri of Red Velvet

  • The one thing i know about Lauv is.. He always makes much of masterpiece

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