Breaking Modern Loneliness: mxmtoon [Episode 1]

게시일 2020. 05. 22.
welcome to breaking modern loneliness, an episodic podcast where each episode is a new open forum discussion on all things human relationships, mental health, and technology. we start with a specific topic, but usually break into whatever space feels natural. hosted by me, ari leff, who is singer/songwriter/producer lauv, and joined by various guests, friends, and professionals. we hope you enjoy each conversation as much as we enjoyed having them :)
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this episode, lauv & mxmtoon, acclaimed 19-year old singer/songwriter discuss maintaining relationships in the age of social media.
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  • 4:19

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  • I lauv your music so much!

  • Hi Ari

  • Oooooohhhh

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH why am i so late to the party ;-;

  • I have anxiety and panic attacks and flashbacks PTSD because of my past and I have two panic attacks everyday at school and one at home ones a day

  • yeah, that sort of friendship is super cool, pop fun and really serious talk

  • I have to say, I notice that usually, he didn't talk to that girl eye to eye, I don't' know if I should judge that, but yeah, he is super relaxed, isn't he, a little late to comment

  • I've been obsessed with Lauv these days, from his song and official music video, such as modern loneliness and tattoo together, he can be really passionate like he's getting high, but also lonely and boring just like me sometimes, I really love that album ~how I'm feeling~, and in this sort of face-to-face conversation, I can see that his another status, yeah, I'm also afraid that I not capable to talking about how I'm truly feeling with my friends, and connecting with friends who I really wanna keep in touch with or the relatives who really cares bout me is really tough, anyway, he's so good-looking and super adorable when he held his head with both of his hands.

  • ⚠pls don't like or subscribe,but to anyone who sees this hope you're having a good week,wish you nothing but the best in life and stay safe⚠

  • He's adorable PERIODT

  • i love lauv

  • But why he is not continuing tho? This is like a therapy for a teen like me who is trying to figure stuffs up....plz lauv continue this plzz

  • Thank you for this. Just by listening, I feel comforted.

  • Imagine getting NF on to talk on this. You would be getting the best insight and advice. 2 🐐s

  • Love it so much

  • need more podcast like these. re watching again and again.

  • God Danm!She is a rapper

  • you're really listening to people. i love you Ari

  • homicide logic

  • It feels love to see Lauv even in quarantine situation

  • My brother sang this :)

  • Lauv is so pure, I love him so much 🥺❤️

  • Uwu

  • Lauv make a new video and song

  • I'm so much crazy about this man❤


  • wish i could talk to ari :(


  • perfection

  • we love you

  • thanks

  • I had never heard so many "like"s before

  • I love this real talk

  • omg i adore them 🥺

  • love this

  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕

  • I'm so crushing on Lauv right now💟💟💟😃


  • Your lil peep

  • Meus dois bebês na mesma tela lindos😍

  • Props to to you for using your platform for mental health awareness 💚

  • These... Are my two fav artists... And are together It's just what I needed

  • Who that girl???

  • I reached my breaking point a year and half ago too But I am all better Who ever is reading this you'll be better and then best!!! I had serious anxiety disorder since 10 but since I got to know more about it It just gets better

  • aww man this was so sweet

  • Wwwwwow


  • anyone else think lauv looks a lot like the temp from the office

  • I can relate to this.

  • (/ = _ =)/ ~ ┴┴. Милашкаааа

  • Any one else super sad because they paid for a concert ticket but because of Corona virus the.concedt got postponed so now they have to wait even longer to see Lauv's concert

  • Working out is one of the best ways to work on and improve your mental health, almost immediately. After a workout your body releases endorphins and other feel good drugs as a way to tell you that what you just did is actually good for you. I can understand how some people don't get into working out as a habit, but I can't get how some people say that it just doesn't work for them. It works for everyone, we're all human!

  • Hey Anthony :)

  • what if you don't have anybody to reach out to?

    • i think maybe there are many other options like seeking a therapy councillor that you can do or maybe you can do like meditation practices. honestly both of those things have helped me out and i suggest you try it too !

  • I loved every minute of this 🌸

  • So good and inspirational! Love this idea of sharing modern loneliness! Keep it up Lauv!

  • I lauv this video * özentilik içerir

  • She's so lovely and mature for her age

  • Is that girl blushing her cheeks are looking red.😁

  • this is something that I never thought that I wanted but I WANT THIS EVERYDAY RIGHT NOW

  • Heyyyyyyyy lauv I just love you alott my life

  • This is something everyone needs to hear

  • I feel you guys. It’s so nice to be open and talk about mental health. Thank u

  • she mentioned the discord server yes. also wow i relate to a lot of what they talked about

  • Seeing two of my all-time favorite artists together makes me so happy!!!

  • MIDNIGHT GOSPEL! Ep 3 on Ceremonial Magic was so heady I had to take a break halfway through.

  • omg!! that was something really amazing. like i myself was having a rough day and i am able to connect to these 3 episodes to the spiritual level. just loved it

  • The duo we never knew we needed

  • Yay Love Mxmtoon! And Lauv of coarse, point is Mxmtoon has been slept on!

  • Keep the conversations going!

  • Is lauv okay ??? 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙

  • I would always say my sadness was not as bad as what someone else is going through and it made it worse. I was always comparing my pain to others and I always disregarded how I felt. Now during quarantine I want to understand myself more and know that I am me and not anybody else.

  • Am I the only one who thought she was Julia Michaels?😢I was so happy for him

  • And all this time I thought the way to pronounce 'Lauv' was 'Lorv'

  • Mxmtoon!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • All my favs together ( ;∀;)

  • The Best singers

  • 💛💚

  • i just love the way you say fuuuck

  • Thanks for this, love your music and now I feel like i’m getting to know the person... totally worthwhile content


  • Oh my gosh i hope ari gets troye on here for one of these episodes!! that would be amazing

  • Oooohhhhhhh

  • wait what didn't see this coming but this is so cool 🥺

  • Best duo ever

  • I love this crossover ❤️❤️my two favorite artists!

  • omg you are my favorite singers!!! so cool to see you together!!

  • 라우브...이렇게 만나니 새롭다! 그래 우린 이렇게 보는게 참 어울려..항상 응원 할께~~~~♡

  • Wow, this is amazing

  • Wow

  • you both give positive energies that i love 😍😇🥰

  • what a sweet girl 😍🥰😇

  • i love this so much omg

  • I love when people have these conversations

  • Damn, two of my favourite singer in on video is a bless to me