Breaking Modern Loneliness: A Conversation on Mental Health

게시일 2020. 05. 01.
on may 1, the start of mental health awareness month, the blue boy foundation is putting together a livestream called breaking modern loneliness: a conversation on mental health. i’ll be with teen line and my friends and collaborators alessia cara, anne-marie and sofía reyes to share stories, talk about how we can all cope during this incredibly difficult time, and answer your questions. if you want to submit any ahead of time, just comment below. excited to share this with you. tune in here at 10am pt or on
About the Blue Boy Foundation:
The Blue Boy Foundation, now in its second year, supports initiatives which help young people feel more comfortable reaching out for mental health care and feel better equipped to help friends get connected with care.
Thank you to Microsoft for helping make this stream possible.
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  • 12:09 it looks like Lauv is sleeping

  • Anne and Lauv 🥺

  • the one i only dont know here is sofia reyes the 3 are king and queens

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  • My favorite singers all together 🥰

  • I know everyone experiences some kind of mental illness but I'm sorry i just can't relate to celebrities. They have everything at their fingertips. Not to say that wealth = happiness. BUT, their lives are much easier than regular people. I'm struggling to just pay rent lol it's nice that lauv wants to help and thank you for reaching out. It just feels so fake. Maybe they struggle with things, but their struggles are so minute. I'm sorry you feel sad for not being the #1 billboard or whatever. NOT REAL PROBLEMS.

    • the famous suffer hates on social networks every day, suffer pressure from the media saying how they "have to act", do world tours and have to stay away from family, several of them have depression or anxiety

  • I'm so emotional watching this recording :'( Thank you all for doing this and this is just what we need to go through the situation now! Got a ticket to Lauv's concert this summer but it's cancelled tho:( i'm so happy still to see all the live steams or videos from Anne-Marie, Lauv and Alessia

  • What a wonderful helpful conversation!! I love you all and thank you so much 💙

  • 18:38 Alicia

    • Thank you

  • Alessia is a cute lil button

  • From this video I realized that I was feeling this way bc I am not an appreciative friend to my friends and I don't initiate chatting them even though I am always online on Facebook. Karma works for what I've been doing to them I am the one who suffers from what I am doing

  • Thank you for talking about mental health 😊💙

  • Those 40 people should go to jail.

  • We are mere mortals get over yourself everyone

  • Everyone should watch this video

  • this was so insightful!

  • Hiw many times he told... You know and like

  • Anne reminds me of that one fun bubbly aunt you have

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  • This is just soo helpful!!! Thanks Lauv

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  • I am a mental health advocate and i made a few posts about mens mental health! Thanks for being so amazing Lauv ❤️🦋 I also have my own blog where I share other peoples stories ( its all free ) i hope it helps someone

  • this was actually so helpful thank u all🥺

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  • “ya know” “like” -lauv

  • i like how he keeps drinking water 😂

  • The girl: alicia Lauv: *whispers* Alessia !!

    • @Lara you're welcome hehehe and you're so right bahahaha

    • @Alesso thanks haha, this moment was fantastic

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    • Hahaha what the minute??

  • Most of us all peploe don”t have time free self all day spend time working out for us job

  • Most of us

  • This is incredible and SO necessary. The act of getting together and simply talking with one another about mental health is monumental. Thank you, thank you, thank you!🙏🏾

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    • How you doing tonight like getting together


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  • This was so helpful!

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  • Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate it, it really helped just listening to you guys!

  • Ari are you okay or not ????😢

  • Thank you from Spain you all are too good for this world keep spreading love and donate if you can ❤️

  • 1on1 or Coca Collab with Zara Larsson please.

  • Which musician did sofia reyes is suggesting at 48:35 .... Please help me anyone???

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  • 44 people who disliked this are in denial about mental health problems

  • Can somebody please tell the name of song sofia said

  • This is amazing. Thank you beautiful people. 💙

  • I so mad that I missed the live stream. I'm glad that I could still watch it back. I didn't realize it until I clicked it on. Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experiences with Mental Illness, I can relate to it all.

  • My mental health has been bad for 5 years now but it's getting worse

    • @hall hilla you're not alone, we're in this together, okay? ^_^

    • @Randumbkarat thank you so much, that really means alot ❤

    • Wat up, pretty person.❤

    • I'm praying, that you do feel better and the pain eases soon

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  • Aw everyone looks so tired :( You guys okay?

  • Ahhh them laughing cuz she kept saying Alicia😂 also this is super relatable and something eye opening that we all needed💙💙💙

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  • this is amazing!!! thank you for bringing awareness for mental health and helping so many people 💜

  • everybody is going through something and that's what make us stronger. I hope everyone is going to be fine. Stay alive y'all, I mean it.🥺❤

  • thank you Lauv!

  • Thank you so much Lauv. This is going to help so many people. ❤

  • One of my highlights today is this video. So grateful for everything’s Lauv’s doing. Mental heal is really important.

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  • Sofía por que Daniela salió ahí jajaj

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  • Is there a way to donate that isnt through youtube?

    • @Michelle Carlson thank you Michelle and much love from the UK

    • and

  • This was amazing...I missed the live stream but sat and listening on playback now...its great to see this

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  • hey guys.. i just creates a discord server for us lauv fans to talk about his music and how it helps us or random things. i hope you join!! ;

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  • Patience and perseverance if you have that trust me and you’ll make it.

    • Amen

    • Tommyboy 150 life is a puzzle at times, it’ll all tie together into a bigger picture 🌹 keep achieving!

    • Yh man. Honestly a lot of times in life, I've aimed to achieve one thing but I end up achieving something different thats just as good and "its like damn howd that happen?"

    • So true bro

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  • This is amazing I love this so much. Making a difference is important especially in hard times!

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