Breaking Modern Loneliness: Conversations on Mental Health (Finding Mental Health in Community)

게시일 2020. 10. 10.
In honor of World Mental Health Day on October 10, the Blue Boy Foundation has brought together artists, creators and experts from around the world for more conversations on Breaking Modern Loneliness. These incredible panelists will share their stories and have an open dialogue on how they manage their mental health.
Finding Mental Health in Community
Moderated by Raghu Appasani: mindsfoundation
Kim Byeongkwan: official_a.c.e7
Maalavika Manjoj: maalavikamanoj
Paige: paigesspace
9AM ET: Finding Mental Health in Isolation:
11:15AM: Finding Mental Health Online:
About the Blue Boy Foundation:
The Blue Boy Foundation, now in its second year, supports initiatives which help young people feel more comfortable reaching out for mental health care and feel better equipped to help friends get connected with care.
Thank you to Microsoft for helping make this stream possible.
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  • I am coming back here once again because, Byeongkwan is on here and i enjoyed listening to him open up about mental health. I literally adore him so much. Also i really love how these people are from different parts of the world and are coming together to talk about mental health. I think it's such an important thing to talk about and i am gald each person had the opportunity to talk about their personal struggles. It makes me happy knowing people care and overall are brave and serious enough to talk about these issues.

  • I’m so glad Byeongkwan did this. I’m really proud of him!!

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  • I started to learn English and I think it going to help me a lot 🇲🇽☺️

  • Finally watching this. Thanks everyone, especially BK :)

  • I'm very proud of ByeongKwan!! Guys If you read this comment, I'm not asking a lot but please go check out A.C.E If you love K-pop. Not asking you to be A.C.E's fans, but just need you to know If there is a talented, down to earth, kind, and very supportive kpop Idol such as A.C.E. My Story: I just knew A.C.E around July 2020, and at first my bias is ByeongKwan, but the more I know them I fell in love with the other members as well. As a kpopers since 2012, I felt regret for not knowing their existents earlier. My life totally changed after knowing them. I know If being a kpopers makes me happy, but the happiness I got has never related to my own life, just felt happy. After knowing A.C.E I was able to see myself, my own life. I even try to make effort to love myself better than I ever had. I always feel supported by them and they feel like family to me. They are very inspirational and have been a part of my life. One more thing I like is the fandom, CHOICE! The fandom is so welcoming and supporting each other, and I really like that!

  • Thank you so much for having byeongkwannie, everyone did so well, thank you everyone, the past few months have been hard for all of us, and your words and thoughts comforted us immensely ❤️

  • thank you so much for inviting bk! and thank you mali and paige and doc and thank you so much lauv.

  • Thank you! I was glad to see Byeongkwan. His support is very important to me. He is a wonderful person who inspires me

  • kim byeongkwan and Lauv , i didnt expect this . it's a grateful surprise´ Thanks for this video, I think that we should speak more about mental health in our communities

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  • ari i love u so much :( thank you for having byeongkwan and doing this ur doing amazing things

  • i just want byeongkwan to know that same as his friend for him, him and a.c.e is one of things that heal me and put me in place, makes me feel love and know that im beautiful in my own ways :), i hope he doesn't have to feel that he can't show his sadness and all that to us :

  • Thank you so much for this ! Thank you to each one of you for being open about mental health

  • i like it that they all had theexactly opposite personality, its fun and important to talk about mental healt, the fact that a lot of idols hide their dark and gloomy days with their fans really hurt me, the fact that they keep it in them self and litterally pretend to be happy with other people. its relaxing that they finally tell the truth and let us know that their not always happy, menta healt is very important, some people may think its just a problem, dramatic and others its not good. i just hope that because of this others can take mental healt seriously. thank you for this, this is really helpful. Thank You Lauv, moderated, Raghu Appasant, BK, Paige, Malli, and crew, stay healty and stay self, love from a kpop fan.💖

  • Stressing over little things is something I always do, I try to take it easy, but it's difficult when everything suffocates you, and music is a way of taking everything positive

  • listening all of their words are a breath that i needed, we all need to speak about mental health and this is a good way to think about our bad or good days, sometimes we think that all will be the same and we keep the problems inside of us but listen to others are great.

  • BK ur so amazing and your english is bomb diggity

  • 병관아~ 고맙고 사랑해요~ 언제나 모든 생각과 감정을 우리와 공유할 수 있어~ 제발 주저하지 마

  • UGH. My Heart...the INFJ in me wishes I could just embrace our Favorite Boy deeply and never let him go. How easy it is to mistake that raw physicality and "baby swag" as the sum total of Kim ByeongKwan...and never know of the young man behind the Idol, the one who still longs for the comfort of friends and for validation.

  • Thank you Mali for sharing about India at this platform. Really appreciate that and hoping for a collaboration

  • Yes please come to India BK!!!

  • I'm so happy Byeonkwan made so many people come to this live

  • I'm so thankful for Blue Boy Foundation, Dr. Raghu for counseling Mali, Paige, and Byeongkwan about their mental health and struggles. Lastly, thank you Lauv. This helped me a lot to fully understand them.

  • It helped me a lot

  • i cant belive that Byeongkwan is here, more people in kpop should talk about mental health

    • I know right. Really proud of him for his efforts.

  • YES BK

  • Me lo perdi en vivo 😔

  • Thank you so much for including Byeongkwan in this mental health awareness chat! I enjoyed listening to him as well as the other musicians speak about the effects of quarantine on their lives as this pandemic has had a similar effect on me being from a similar age range and creative space. I wanted to also mention that during this quarantine, I think some people feel immense pressure to have to "learn" something from this quarantine or to still be productive in some way. I think it's important to remember that this time is extremely hard with varying degrees of difficulty depending on who you are and how this has effected you, your family, and friends. If you feel like you haven't been 100% throughout this time, try not to let it overwhelm you; let productivity happen organically. You are going through what could be a very stressful time right now, and if you don't have the energy to be productive in this moment, that is completely valid. Your feelings matter. And if somewhere along the way of this global crisis you have learned something, then that is a great takeaway for you for now and for the future. I hope everyone stays safe during the rest of this year and for whatever may come.

    • So well put! Thank you! I really needed to read this right now.

    • Thank you so much for saying this! I really needed it. During these times, I have been particularly hard on myself to be productive, sometimes to an overwhelming extent and I've been worn out because of that. I really think I should take it slow and let it come naturally. Thank you so much for sharing it. Really appreciate it

  • hearing about this from different musicians/artists perspective is really interesting bc they all have different restrictions

  • Oh my god Byeongkwan :”( There’s so much stigma around mental health in Korea, and hearing him say ‘I can’t be gloomy around my fans’ broke my heart, he’s such a genuine, kind person and oh my god :”( He’s such a sweetheart and is truly the bestest boy

  • There is so much stigma around mental health in Korea. I'm so proud of BK for speaking openly and trying to bring change. I know he wants to support fans by being cheerful for us, but I hope he knows Choice loves him and will support him if he is feeling down or struggling ❤️ Thank you to Raghu, BK, Maalavika, and Paige for speaking out about mental health and for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us today.

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  • No hay subtítulos, espero que se den cuenta que si los pusieran ayudarían a mucha mas gente que quisiera ser entendida. 😕

  • i can’t express how much i needed to hear things from byeongkwan that i could i actually relate and feel less lonely for. thank you for making this happen.

  • I have a lot of feelings with the things that Byeongkwan said, their music (A.C.E) save my soul during this quarantine and hear this conversation is so comforted to me, thank you so much for make this and invite him. 💕

    • I hope you always find comfort in music during your downs. Love from the Choice family

    • A.C.E = Life ❤️

  • Thanks for inviting Byeongkwan❤️❤️🔥 great message! This is really important to watch!

  • I'm so glad that Byeongkwan was here. I think that mental health is a big deal in the kpop industry and nobody talks about it. It's great that BK shared his story and thoughts. Thank u Lauv! 💕

  • I am so glad to see BK here! Thanks for this great conversation...

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  • A lot of things to take back from this session. First thing being, how most of us are just so casually told "it's just a bad day, will pass by." makes us not realize the intensity of the situation that we are going through or how it can impact us. We tend to keep our concerns among ourselves and as an Indian, I feel that's pretty common around me. I find it hard to share my concerns with anyone and even if I do, I generally end it on a funny note cause I prefer it not getting awkward. I'm not good at talking it out so I mostly prefer sitting by myself and analyzing things cause I am easily stressed about little things. This session just put it out, how it's pretty common among us to exert and stress ourselves cause we are always running behind that sweet taste of success. It's better to take it slow, have a good break and interact with our people, it can always makes us happy :)

    • ​@Navya Francis thanks for your concern and yes, I'm doing well. :) I just went, "aha! there it is" when you mentioned "toxic positivity", also the reason many of us go, "psychiatrist? who's that?don't need it" when necessary, cause we think it's nothing big and we can overcome it, just a matter of time.

    • Oh I can totally relate with it. In India, it's not very common talking about mental health or depression and especially the toxic positivity that was mentioned here is really prevalent too. I'm so glad that many Indians are talking about it in this platform. And just wanna say that if you're particularly down, please feel free to talk to me and hope you're doing well in these times

  • Everyone did so great, I'm glad I watched this and that bk was able to be a part of it

  • No sabía que salía Kim Byeongkwanniee :0

  • ACE BK :)

  • This was amazing

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  • That was so interesting getting to know BK better and also all the stories! Thank you for having BK

  • This makes me feel less alone with this feeling, i don’t like to talk about my feeling like byeongkwan and it does feel super lonely. Thank you doctor for doing a great job on moderating this session, Thank you Paige and Mali and Byeongkwan 🥺 i’m so proud of kwan for speaking up and tries to change the stigma!

    • I hope you're doing okay tho. If there's something, you can really share with us.


  • our baby kim byeongkwannnnn

  • Thankyou so much for the story💕

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  • I wonder how Byeongkwan comes to know these amazing people 🥺

  • Byeongkwan... This is a topic close to me. Thanks to you and everyone else involved!!

  • Thank you Lauv for showed our amazing Byeongkwan to Choices💓

  • I can’t wait to watch this when i get home, thank you so much for inviting byeongkwan 😍😍

  • My uncle died in traffic accident 2 days ago and i was feeling so bad but when i watched this live, i felt better. Thank you Kim Byeongkwan. You are my Happiness💓

    • Oh I am so sorry. I hope you find comfort through their music and if you're feeling down, please feel free to talk to us.* Virtual hug*

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    • Via Thank you so much, I hope he is happy now💓🙏🏻

    • May your uncle rest in peace and wish you and your family well

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  • I didn’t expect to see Byeongkwan here🥺😍 Thanks for inviting him, also thank you Byeongkwan for sharing your story and comforting words💜 Love u💜

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